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Three Projects, One Solution: The power of Enzymes

Recorded webinar from the European Green Week, 27th May 2021

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Plastik Recycling, wie funktioniert das?

Recorded webinar from the European Researchers Night “Life is Science”, 24th September 2021

Scientific Publications

Research papers:

Richter PK, Blazquez-Sanchez P, Zhao Z, Engelberger F, Wiebeler C, Künze G, Frank R, Krinke D, Frezzotti E, Lihanova Y, Falkenstein P, Matysik J, Zimmermann W, Sträter N, Sonnendecker C: Structure and function of the metagenomic plastic- degrading polyester hydrolase PHL7 bound to its product. Nature Communications, 2023, 14 (1905)

Frank R, Krinke D, Sonnendecker C, Zimmermann W, Jahnke HG: Real-time noninvasive analysis of biocatalytic PET degradation. ACS Catal, Dec 2021


Blog article 23rd October 2020 at acib website: “Plastic recycling with enzymes

Blog article 14th June 2022 at acib website: “The environmental and economic impact of enzymatic plastic recycling”.


Podcast episode on 18th August 2023 at “Die Biotexperten” with Tommaso de Santis from acib “Does it pay off? Economic calculation behind enzymatic processes

Podcast episode on 24th February 2023 at “Die Biotexperten” with Kristie Tanner from DARWIN “Little plastic eaters – please step forward!

Podcast episode on 11th August 2021 at “Die Biotexperten” in the frame of the European Researchers Night “Life is Science”: “Plastic recycling mit Enzymen

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