The landscape of enzymatic plastic recycling projects in Europe

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Author: Katrin Weinhandl, ACIB Over the last twenty years, plastic has become one of the most important materials in various industrial sectors. Plastic consumption is increasing rapidly. The other side of the coin, however, is growing mountains of plastic waste and polluted oceans. Experts agree that we need to do more to improve plastic recycling […]

Webinar “The power of enzymes: How to valorise multilayer packaging and microplastics”

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Part 1 of the ENZYCLE stakeholder workshop On 13th July 2022, the first ENZYCLE stakeholder workshop takes place in Valencia, Spain. The open part will be broadcasted as a webinar and will inform about our concept to treat non-recycled plastic fractions with microbial enzymes. Current findings about PET enzyme development, enzyme production processes and recycling […]

ENZYCLE at the Austrian Researchers Night “Life is Science”

European Researchers Night "Life is Science"

ENZYCLE was live at European researchers night During the Austrian edition of the European Researchers Night under the thread “Life is Science”, ENZYCLE was presented in a 45 min lecture given by Matthias Slatner (acib) and Stephan Laske (Greiner Packaging). They were explaining the procedure of plastic recycling with the help of enzymes and the […]

Webinar announcement: The Power of Enzymes

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Three Projects – One Solution. We are happy to announce that ENZYCLE and its two sister projects RECOVER and BIZENTE are organizing a joint webinar about enzymatic solutions for the treatment of different kind of plastic waste. In the frame of the European Green Week, we are demonstrating the power of enzymes for boosting the […]

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